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Sat, Aug 27, 2011 11:26:48 PM


One can never have too many pairs of animal print, so 5 pairs is not that bad of leopard LOL.

Style: Shoe - Sling-Backs peep-toe
Brand: GUESS
Color: leopard, is that a color
Purchased/Found At: Marshalls
Location/Address: Utica, MI

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Mon, Aug 29, 2011 03:47:12 PM
Wow Less, 5 pairs? Im thinking of only 3. Guess Ill be hitting the archives to find your other two, kind a like wheres waldo. I love that game. lol. Ok, so first someone should call the shoe police on me because I dont even own one pair of leapard print shoes and that should be a staple in any closet, right? So Im thinking this would be the pick for my first pair. Less Ive said it before but your skin tone in these is to literally die for and the other thing about this shoe, its perhaps my favorite design of all time. i dont care if its leopard, patent napa, or any other material , a peep toe sling back is just a classic.
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