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Mon, Sep 19, 2011 06:45:18 AM

Color Craze

I did it again, I let the sales girl talk me into a pair of heels. The thing is I needed a jolt from the norm and this did it.

Style: Shoe - Platform Sandals
Brand: Jessica Simpson
Color: Multi
Purchased/Found At: Shi
Location/Address: Great Lakes Crossing, Auburn Hills, MI

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Tue, Sep 20, 2011 04:35:50 PM
Awwwwe, Ive been waiting to see these. A jolt? Really Less? I just knew you would find color before the summer season was over. So you know what a fan I am of Jessica Simpsons, whats the comfort level on this one? Oh and love the pose you lynx.

Wed, Sep 21, 2011 10:48:43 PM
Ummm yeah this ones not for me, LOL. Looks like someone went crazy for a minute.

Tue, Sep 27, 2011 10:29:00 PM
I can totally see these with the right outfit. Perfect 'jolt' shoe for an I-love-black-heels girl.

Wed, May 2, 2012 01:53:20 AM
I feel awful for not commenting back on so many pairs but life held my hostage and website woos made me nuts, so sorry Ladies. OK, first they are pretty cool looking and I think they were the start of the whole color blocking trend. I haven't actually wore them out yet but summer is just around the corner so look out. I will say they were comfy on for the photoshoot (I usually wear them around the house for about 10 minutes or so).
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Color Craze
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