It's a Shoe Thang!


- Monday, February 08, 2010

Did Someone Say, "SALE!!!"

Every weekend all across the great state of Michigan newspapers are delievered to millions of anxious homeowners. Homeowners who are consumers of various products from toothpaste to widescreen televisions, who comb through their weekend papers for sale flyers to aid in their shopping adventures, planned or not.  In addition to that, millions of emails go out to waiting inboxes in anticipation of being opened by potential customers.  Now, some people find this annoying while others like myself jump up and down with extreme joy. I mean, JOY! Why you ask? Because it's a preview to the coming attraction, and I (we) only have to wait one day to all the special prices are released. Ready, set,'s shopping time! Shoe shopping, of course.

Like I said before, be prepared. You should always have all your potential shoe purchase ads on hand. Never assume that the store in question will have the advertised price clearly marked or even entered into the system correctly if you hit the sale on the very first day. Sometimes there's a rush to get everything stocked and the new prices may not make it to the registers so, if you're not carrying your sales flyers you may have to wait for some teenaged sales girl to look it up. And then wait again for the managers approval. Which will eat up your precious shopping hours, and we can't have that. So, with flyers in hand and turned to the proper page (no digging through them at the last minute, I'll hurt you right there in the line, I swear), politely point out each FAB shoe to the cashier so you'll be on your way quickly to buy more pairs with all the money you just saved, YES!

Now, once you've hit your first few stores, and yes I said few stores because true shoe addicts know it takes more than one store to satisfy our shopping cravings, make sure you've checked out the clearance, end of the year and/or season items. This is where some of the greatest deals can make or break your piggy banks. All shoes may not go on sale but most shoes end up on clearance at some point. Bargain basement prices don't last long however, so if there's a clearance section start there first. It's a shame when you walk into the clearance room (an entire room? yes ma'am) and someone reaches over and grabs the last pair of red patent Mary Janes in a size 8 1/2.  All I can say is she should have gotten there earlier. Don't end up like Rebecca from Confessions of a Shopaholic fighting over Gucci boots at a sample sale.  If it were me I'd still be holding on for dear life.  Though I've never actually fought someone for a pair of boots before. But for the right pair of Jimmy Choos I'd go 3 rounds with Laila Ali (although most of it, I'm sure I'd be on the mat and unconcious for) but I'd still do it.

I guess what I'm saying is , I can't pass up a great shoe sale no matter what. And why should I have to? Just because I go to all the sales, it doesn't mean I'm going to buy every shoe in the place. Especially if I already own several of them. But grabbing and trying on every shoe they carry would definitely be loads of fun, 'cause what's an addiction if you can't flaunt it at least once in your life? You know what I mean- It's a Shoe Thang!

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