It's a Shoe Thang!


- Saturday, May 14, 2011

Calling All Cowgirls, Kick Up Your Heels

It's Hoedown time...again!

So, last year I bought some peep-toe cowboy boots and everyone I know, literally everyone, said I was crazy. Which could be true but...I thought they were damn cute. And not only were they peep-toe but they had high heels on them too. I'm just that type of girl. Here's a picture if you don't remember or you're too lazy to go look in my showcase. Or you weren't a member yet in which case you still should've looked thru my showcase by now, just saying.

I love those boots. And I'd wear them to the Hoedown again this year except, everyone's already seen me in them. Shallow, I know, but this gives me a good reason to go out and buy another pair of sh*t kickers. And you know I'll never ever say no to shoe shopping.

So, wouldn't you know it, I combed thru numerous shoe stores and countless department stores and I couldn't fine a single pair of cowboy boots I liked. Not one pair! I was beginning to think someone had it in for me, I mean, they knew I was on the lookout and they purposely hid all the fabulous pairs. Until...I decided to try my old stomping grounds way out in Lincoln Park MI, TJ Maxx.

Oh yeah, I know what you're thinking "You go to TJ Maxx all the time," and you'd be right, but usually go to the ones around my own house. That's five stores within a 25 mile radius, maybe even six. However, I was getting desperate and time was running out, the Hoedown was this coming weekend. So, I headed downriver with my fingers crossed and credit cards in hand. And low and behold, guess what I found. OK, I'll tell suede cowboy boots. Yep, BLUE SUEDE cowboys, isn't that just a hoot. I'm a little bit country...

and a little bit shoe addict, well maybe a lot shoe addict. And just to be clear, the boots in the photo are not the ones I bought though the picture is close. I'll be swapping out the photo just as soon as I come back from the Hoedown, YeeHaw! And I find the power cord to the charger for my camera. The things that happen to me when I'm out shoe shopping, let me tell you...OK I'll spare you this time but I wanna see your cowboy/western-style boots. I know you have some, don't try to deny it, ' cause we all know you couldn't help yourself since It's a Shoe Thang!

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Sun, May 15, 2011 07:17:50 AM
So Less, you know im from the lone star state,home of the cowboy,and all that other stuff write? I dont even own a pair of cowboy boots! perhaps a crime,not sure. But if I did these would be a great 1st pair and if I was going to a hoedown i think i would pair them with a great denium skirt that falls just above the knee, a white western button up shirt, perhaps a fringed vest (optional though) but defiantly a red bandana, oooooh ya and a belt with a buckle the size of a small sattlelite. any way have fun at the hoedown lil sister and line dance and two step the night away cause i know you will have the shoes for it
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