It's a Shoe Thang!


- Sunday, December 27, 2009

If the Shoe DOESN'T Fit, Take It Back!

OK, so, you were a really good girl this past year and Santa left you loads of brand new designer shoes under your tree. Hooray for you (and me too).  The problem is, the old man needs new spectacles (glasses) because he dropped off the wrong size.  Even if you thought you were specific in your letter to him, size 8 1/2 please, I've heard his little helpers (husbands, boyfriends, sisters, etc.) have been known to sample the spiked eggnog before shopping, with a designated driver, of course.  Or maybe you're like me and you need to try on every pair of shoes before you purchase them.  Why don't these fit me?  SOB .  Some designer labels run smaller than others, sigh, and let's not forget about the imported european sizes.  Am I a size 39 or a 40 in Europe?   Anywho, just remember a TRUE shoe addict will never buy shoes that don't fit them, or wear said shoes. 

Even if they were a gift.  Oh, please!   I'm not going to sit here and tell you I have never been found guilty of that same crime, I admit it, I have participated in that ritual in the past.  However, I am now a reformed woman and I only buy shoes that lovingly caress my pampered feet.  Can you say high maintenance?

Here's the thing.  When you buy shoes that are too small, big, tight, wide, etc., you're actually doing your feet a HUGE disservice.  And you could be putting entire body in jeporady.  Footwear that rubs your toes the wrong way or scrapes your heels constantly not only damages your feet but could lead to them becoming misshapen.  And ill-fitting shoes can cause calluses,  blisters, bunions, or corns (a callosity of the epidermis, usually on the toes--it's in the dictionary, I swear).  Don't think other people don't notice your feet, no one wants to look at nasty toes.  Plus, let's not forget if your shoes are really hurting you, slipping off all the time, or simply not giving you any support you could end up losing your balance or your dignity.  Or even worse, you could lose your two front teeth after a tricky step or a ugly spoil.  A swan dive created by improper shoe size which resulted in your skirt over your head can be laughed about over and over and over again. What???? It was really funny. However, a trip to the orthodonist because "these shoes are way too cute, I don't care if they're not my size, I'm wearing them anyway" can be painful and costly.  The price of beauty is not pain.

You want your feet to feel like they are walking on air, floating on clouds, and cradled with love.  Your new shoes should feel like butter, like angels are inside them massaging your toes, like you're wearing shoes with heavenly soles (OK, so that may be a stretch).  But seriously, protect your precious tootsies and do them no harm.  Take time to try on all your new shoe purchases, walk around the store and dance in them before you pull your credit card out.  And if they are a gift, WOOHOO, you're one lucky girl. I wish I could get people to buy me new designer shoes (size 8 1/2, in case anyone forgot). Though, if they don't fit, return them.  Take them back to store and exchange them for the right size, because broken feet, toes and ankles won't fit into FAB designer shoes with a cast on them.  And that ugly orthopedic boot is not stylish or sexy after your bunion surgery is over. I don't care how much you bedazzle it. 

So, from one TRUE shoe addict to another, yes, I'm talking about you, I hope the New Year brings you loads and loads of great designers shoes that fit!  I know I'll be out shopping for my fair share, well, maybe a bit more than a fair share " cause you know It's a Shoe Thang!

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Mon, Dec 28, 2009 07:54:19 AM
Love the picture and saying on it. If I like the fit I buy as many colors of that style that I can. Oh ok I confess if i REALLY LOVE the shoe and I do have a few that I wear all the time rather then wear out the poor pair loveable heels I have bought multiple pair in the same color.

Mon, Dec 28, 2009 04:58:53 PM
As long as they fit I say, ROCK ON! I need to start buying two of my favorites just in case. I don't usually have several colors of the same shoe though, probably because I'm buying too many pairs to start with.
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