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- Monday, March 29, 2010

OPRAH Please Help!

First of all, anyone who knows me, knows I'm a bit off-center. And for those of you who are just finding this out, don't worry it's OK, I know it too. I actually pride myself on not always fitting in with the average crowd. And even though there are times when my refusal to follow the norm may come in handy (like distracting socialites at a sample sale so my girlfriend can grab a pair of Christian Louboutins), I am by no means mentally insane. Not technically anyway. I don't hear voices, except my own (inside my head, that is). I don't speak to inanimate objects, except shoes of course, (but they don't talk back to me).  And I don't see things that don't exist, at least that's what I thought. Which leads me to why I'm writing this blog. WHY do I keep seeing FAB high heels on people that no one knows where I or my fellow shoe addict members can find them? I'm talking about the HUNT people, will someone out there help us out? PLEASE!

Ok, so I created a section here on my website called The Hunt. It's a great idea, right?  I thought if members had a place they could ask for help in finding the FAB designer shoes they couldn't seem to get their hands on then, somehow the forces of natures would pull together and we'd all find what we were looking for. Wrong! I'm not sure what signal we need to send out ("Is anyone out there?") or how we can get the planets all to align, but all our wishing and hoping doesn't seem to be working out like I planned. I know several people have suggested using ebay and a few other sites as possible hunting grounds, but I've tried that twice to no avail. So, what's a True Shoe Addict to do? The only possibly thing I can think of is...

we need to call on the Goddess of all things wonderful and true, Oprah Winfrey!

I know, I know, I'll probably see real life aliens from another planet before I'm able to get close enough to smile at, nonetheless speak to Oprah Winfrey, but I can fantasize. Stranger things have happened. And if by chance I get the opportunity, I will gladly beg her to join our little (but fastly growing) community of shoe addicts, since we all know she's one too. I'll even get on my knees and grovel at her feet. It's not beneath me. Plus, I'll volunteer to go to her house (if she's willing, with my camera) and take pictures of all her shoes for her (hint) to upload on my website, though I'm sure I'll need to bring along my assistant and some Gatorade, for endurance and a little help.

And then, hopefully with a little extra exposure, we will all benefit from the vast number of shoe hunters with insider tips, unlike ourselves, who are seeking out the elusive, oh so precious pairs of designer shoes that only the celebrites seem to find. Just ask Michelle, one of my devoted members, who's looking for Gwyneth Paltrow's Christian Louboutin Coussin Cage sandals with animal print. She would love for someone to give her the heads up on where she can find her very own pair. I went on the hunt for them myself, although after countless internet searches and numerous shopping expedtions I was left empty handed also. And let's not forget my Jimmy Choos for H&M, the stores by me never even carried them. Sigh.  So, we all know Oprah Winfrey is the Queen of daytime TV, and Miss Winfrey can make the earth move underneath her feet (at least it seems to), and I'm pleading to whosever reading this to put a bug in Ms. Winfrey's ear (not literally) to maybe, just maybe (calling on all the powers of the universe here) take a second (OK, probably more like a few minutes) and check out this cool, creative, innovative, fun, FREE, and visually impression (that's for my programmer, though it was my idea and I came up with the color scheme and the designs and the content and...I digress) brand new website made for shoe addicts far and wide. Who knows, maybe you can make a show out of it Oprah (can I call you Oprah, Miss...Ms...Queen...Goddess Winfrey?). You best believe I already sent the show idea in as a suggestion on her website. I know I went a bit over the top, but hey, you already know I'll do just about anything when It's a Shoe Thang! 

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Sat, Apr 3, 2010 02:33:55 PM
Ms. Goddess Winfrey...please have us on your show!!! We would love to grace your shoe closet. :)

Tue, Jun 1, 2010 03:24:37 AM
Unfortunate for you Oprah doesn't see the little people anymore :(
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