It's a Shoe Thang!


- Monday, February 15, 2010

Back in Black, What...I Never Left!

Today I was looking around in my shoe closet (which I don't actually have a closet just for my shoes, it's more like my house of shoes, yeah I know) anyway, and I noticed that 87% (random number) are black.  Sorta like my showcase is more than half filled with black shoes. And for some odd reason this made me stop and wonder if my affection for black footwear was just that, an affection or could it be construed as a method of playing it safe? And by safe I mean, passing up FAB color in order make sure I fit in with the masses. Or have I subconciuosly calculated some phantom chances of not being able to match my footwear to my clothing so I simply stick with black. You know what they say, "Black goes with everything," which seems to be true but could I really be that boring? Or that plain? How about that predictable? No not me, not the true shoe addict me.  Therefore, I have concluded that I own soooo many pairs of black shoes, because I'm that bold. That daring, and that classic yet chic. And let's not forget sophisticated. And as stylish as that little black dress.

Now let's match it with some sexy stilettos...

Or some awesome slingbacks...

Maybe a pair of  sensual sandals...

Or some perfect platforms...

Black is slimming as we all know, but it's also mysterious, hauntingly seductive, powerful and sophisticated.  Some people fear the color black, like being crossed by a black cat or ending up stuck in the black of the night, but I embrace it.  Black patent leather screams fierce and in charge to me.  While black silk pumps whisper demure sweet nothings with sexy undertones attached to them (hint, hint ).  So, I may not be "back in black" but I'm definitely not leaving it behind any time soon.  I'll be dressing my pampered pedicured tootsies in all the FAB black shoes I can get my greedy lil' hands on, 'cause It's a Shoe Thang!


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