It's a Shoe Thang!


- Monday, December 07, 2009

'Tis the Season to...Go Shopping, SHOE Shopping (TRUE shoe addict style)!

Yes, the Holidays are upon us and the malls are buzzing with the various sounds of the season.  There's festive music in the air, sales announcements overhead, shopping bags rustling in every hand and hundreds, maybe even thousands of busy shopper's feet rushing feverishly up and down the aisles.  Which means all the stores are CROWDED, and that includes the shoe stores and department store shoe sections.  Oh no, say it isn't so.


Now, you may say to yourself, 'No shoe addict in their right mind would attempt shopping in an overly congested department store during the holiday rush.'  And you may just be right, but a TRUE shoe addict is always up for a challange.  So, here's a few helpful hints on How to Spot a TRUE shoe addict out shopping during the holidays.

First:  TRUE shoe addicts are dressed for success.  They know the less cumbersome an outfit is, the better the shopping experience.  Through years of training they've learned that the ability to maneuver in and out of unruly shoppers, carrying any amount of packages especially precious new shoes, is best done without any extra bulk weighing you down.  Coats, hats, gloves and umbrellas are placed into lockers upon arrival and are sometimes forgotten on the way out.  Oh well, that's just another excuse to go to the mall again tomorrow.

Next:  Though a TRUE shoe addict LOVES to wear her high heels, holiday shopping requires comfy shoes, sneakers, really comfy broken-in sneakers.  You never know when you may have to run full speed ahead to nab the last pair of Jimmy Choo "Cage" sandals in a size 8 1/2.  And it's never good when you break the heel off your current pair of shoes while hurdling the foot stool next to the new shoes display.  Plus, lets not forget the numerous trips you'll take back and forth to the car to stow away your latest finds, that hike can be murder on your little piggies.

Then:  A TRUE shoe addict is the one who is patiently waiting for her turn with the salesperson.  However, after 10-15 minutes go by, she can be seen standing on a chair (display table, shoe rack, etc.) franticly waving a stiletto (my personal favorite) over her head whilst screaming, "I NEED these in a size 8 1/2 please!" over and over again.  Oh come on,  it was an emergency, I swear, I had 6 other stores to go to that day.  Any other sane person would have done the same.  Wouldn't they?

After that:  Whenever the check-out lines are a mile long and all the registers lights are blinking for assistance (price checks, manager approvals), a TRUE shoe addict will find a way around it all.  Like, going to the jewelry counter and buying a cheap piece of costume jewelry in order to check out there.  They let you buy all your items at once, so, one $3.00 necklace and 4 pairs of designer shoes later.  The regular register has 200 people in line and the jewelry counter register has 2 people in line, I'm buying a $3.00 necklace, genius, I know.

And finally:  At the end of the day, a TRUE shoe addict is the one sitting in the food court with her feet up enjoying a white chocolate mocha latte with a big smile on her face.  She giggles to herself thinking about all her new shoes tucked (more like stacked to the roof) neatly away in her super-sized SUV as she watches other shoppers running around still looking for that perfect gift.  She pictures herself placing each new shoe into her busting at the seams, crammed to the ceiling closet, and sighs.  It doesn't matter to her that she didn't do any holiday shopping for others at all , because she knows she can buy all their gifts online and have them shipped right to her front door. 

So, I know what you're thinking now.  'Why in the world would anyone go out in all that chaos then?'   Well, it's simple, a TRUE shoe addict will tell you, "I can't pass up a great shoe sale, EVER...I mean, they can't."  Oh well, I tried, but everybody already knows, It's a Shoe Thang!

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