It's a Shoe Thang!


- Saturday, May 21, 2011

You Bought Those...Really?

Well, the Hoedown was a hoot, as usual. Not only was it a great day of country music but it was also a great day for western fashion spying, footwear included. And I know there are several of you out there that are still in shock that I went to this particular event. So, this got me to thinking, if most people wouldn't believe I'd even look twice at a pair of cowboy boots (I AM the stiletto Queen in these here parts of town), are there others out there like me?  I mean, are you known by your choice in footwear sooooo well your friends would faint if you changed it up a bit? With that in mind I'll ask this..."Is there a shoe (or boot) you won't be caught dead in or better yet, your friends would gasp at you, throw you to the ground and de-shoe you right where you land if they saw you in them? Some people are very passionate about heels.

I know you'd never find any of the above in MY closet.

I, however, just bought MY first pair of WELLIES not too long ago. And I don't understand why people kept asking me, "WHY?" What do you mean why, I live in Michigan, land of the ever changing weather and it's supposed to be spring right now's raining cats and dogs here. Although I'd rather it be 'raining men, hallelujah' but that's a different Web site altogether.

So, what's wrong with wellies, or rain boots? Everyone seems to be wearing them in my part of the world. They are the latest fashion forward accessory made just for bad weather. That's if you need an excuse to go out a buy a pair (like I need an excuse to shoe shop, ever). And don't get me started about all the different prints and styles the come in.

I was out shopping with a girlfriend when I finally found a pair just right for me. And yes they will be added to my showcase as soon as I can get caught up on all my photos, so stop screaming at me christy, hahaha. I was having a hard time deciding on which print to go with. I somehow kept leaning toward black ones, yep pretty much all black ones, but with a little help (badgering) from my friend I came home with my very own pair that are cute and colorful. So, do you own a pair of wellies? Are they as fabulous as mine? If so I want to see them. Go ahead and add them to your showcase, they are shoes you know.  And if  not, show me your "I don't think you'd believe it if you saw it with your own two eyes" pair of shoes (boots) you have hidden away in your closet. Because you already know what I'm gonna say, It's a Shoe Thang!

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Sun, May 22, 2011 05:26:22 PM
Less, I am loving all your new blogs and I think this one might just be my favorite so far. I totally agree with you, I would never have these shoes in my collection. For no better words there just stupid! there I said it.
Now believe it or not I dont ware heels all the time. I have a favorite pair of tennis shoes and sandles I might ware to the grocery store or something, but rest asure Im wareing heels at some point 7 days aweek. thats just how i roll. lol. and pretty much all my friends no it, but I swear if I here "how do you walk in those things" one more time its not going to be pretty! Sooooo with all that said on to the Wellies.
My daughter has several pairs and ive seen them around on younger girls but this blog has stoped me to think just maybe. you know there is times when its raining and I dont want to ware my suede shoes in the rain or open toe shoes, so why not? they would be great, there really kind of cute, but know this for a fact when I get to the office the stilletoes are comming out of the bag. Bahahaha
Great choice Less, and look for my Wellies to be showing up soooon!
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