It's a Shoe Thang!


- Monday, February 22, 2010

Having a Bad Day? It's Time to Hit the Mall and Buy Some SHOES!

OK, I have learned that there are days when no matter how hard I try things just don't seem to go my way. Somehow, I end up on the verge of contemplating whether or not it would be more advantageous for me to crawl back into my bed , crawl under my bed, or simply drag my bed out on the front lawn and set it on fire. What??? This, of course, is only after I've concluded that if I decide to direct any form of bodily harm at anyone (including myself), it probably would not benefit my intended target or my mood or my freedom, which I kind of like. So, I try to off set the situation by enjoying one of my favorite guilty pleasures, Starbucks coffee. But, if I've ingested enough caffeine to kill a small horse (don't worry PETA members, just kidding) and I've even allowed myself a pastry to compliment my cup of Joe but my normally pleasant disposition hasn't returned, I know there is only one way to save myself (and anyone I come in contact with) from myself. And that is to go shopping. SHOE shopping, but you already knew that.

The only thing is, shoe shopping doesn't always work out either. It''s like Murphy's Law "whatever can go wrong, will go wrong".  The first shoes I picked to try on, were sold out but still on display, hmmm? Here's a suggestion, take them off the shelf. The saleswoman's reply, "We left them up because they're so pretty and everybody likes them." My reply, "Does everyone ask for them?" Her answer, "Yes, but they're sold out." What??? My first reaction was to choke her until...however, I simply chose to leave the store. The second pair of shoes I asked to try on were too big in my normal size and too small in the next size down. I guess there was a design flaw because the saleswoman said they still had loads of them left in the back. Oh well, moving on.  The third pair of designer shoes were broken straight out the box and of course they were the only pair in my size. The fourth pair were mismatched , one 8 1/2 and on 7 1/2, go figure. The fifth pair, arghhhh!  NEXT STORE!

And then it happened. I pretty much had given up. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I was leaving the mall, but I wasn't feeling optimistic anymore. I guess it's also right when they say, "you'll find what you're looking for when you stop looking for it." And there they were.  They were sitting in seclusion oddly perched on a stack of unrelated boxes. They looked almost as if they'd snuck in and were waiting to see if anyone would notice. I noticed, I admired and I knew they had to be mine. They were heels, high heels, in black of course.  I looked around but, I could not seem to spy another pair like them. So, slowly I made may way in their direction. It was enticing. I felt consumed. Without taking my eyes off them I made my way cautiously, making sure not to alert anyone else of their presence. And to the innocent bystander I'm sure I seemed calm, collected and natural but on the inside I was screaming and praying for them to be in my size and for sale. I swear my hand actually shook as I reached for them. I held my breathe and closed my eyes for one last plead... size, Michael Kors 4 1/2 heels! I love them. They immediately became my 'Having a Bad Day, Bad A$$ Stilettos' and with one quick try on, I wore them, in 40 degrees winter snow still on the ground weather, right out of the store. Hey, what can I say, It's a Shoe Thang!

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